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Alpha Male

How to become an alpha male

Alpha Male Guide 

Secrets You Can Use To Drive Women Wild!

If you need some help in the dating , then you need to know how to become an alpha male. If you want to date beautiful women whenever you want and feel perfectly at ease when you approach and flirt with a woman, then there are certain skills you need to master. Once you do, you’ll be able to have virtually any woman you like and all the guys you know will acknowledge you as being an alpha male.alpha males

  • Be A Man Like No Other

The first secret you need to know in order to become an alphamale is to become a man like no other. Really, that’s what an alphamale is all about. So when you’re dealing with women, don’t come off needy and desperate, or you’ll send them running to the hills! Remember, women dislike desperate guys.Instead, play it cool. You can ask a woman out for a date, but if she rejects you, take it for what it is. By rejecting you she’s not saying she thinks you’re the biggest loser in the world. What she is saying is that she doesn’t feel like going out with you. She may have problems in her life that she has to deal with, she may be feeling fat, or is genuinely busy. So don’t take the rejection to heart. Just move on to another woman you find attractive and would like to date. Pretty soon, you’ll hear a “Yes” instead of a “No” and you’ll be good to go.alpha males

  • Don’t Fall For Her “Tests”

Another secret you have to learn if you want to become an alphaman is not to fall for any “tests” a woman may set you once you’re getting to know her. You should recognise these “tests” when you come across them.

You may be asked to go and get her a pizza from the pizza place she absolutely loves – although it’s 20 miles away and it’s 10pm, raining and cold. Don’t fall for it! If you pass her “test” you’ll fail, because she’ll think you’re too easy to push around and will lose respect for you. However, if you blankly refuse, she won’t appreciate your attitude and may not want to see you again.

The best approach to take in this situation is to tease her and make sure you let her know that she’s making an unreasonable request. If you can do this in the right way, she’ll respect you for standing up to her and you’ve got a better shot with her than all the other guys who meekly pass her “tests”.


  • Let Her Seduce You

Here’s a red-hot secret you’ll definitely need if you want to become an alpha malelet her seduce you. Instead of setting the pace all the way to the bedroom, let her take the lead at times. That means holding back sometimes when you want to kiss her or touch her hand. You can tease her into wanting you so badly that she’s ready to rip your clothes off at the end of the date!alpha males

  • If you want to become an alphamale then it’s important that you use these sure-fire tips in order to succeed with women. Once you’ve mastered these skills, you’re now ready to drive women wild! Just be prepared for your friends to ask you what your secret is!

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